Grimmia Hedw. in Europe

Greven (1995), published, Grimmia Hedw. in Europe. In this work, he recognized 41 species.
Muñoz was responsible for the genus Grimmia in the Annotated checklist of the mosses of Europe and Macaronesia (Hill et al. 2006).
In this checklist, he recognized 39 species.
Maier (2009) recognized 32 species.

Below, the three checklists, with some recent additions, are presented. They also represent the problems within the genus as none of the three specialists agrees with identity and number of recognized Grimmia Hedw. taxa in Europe.

Muñoz and Greven disagree in the following taxonomic concepts:

  1. Grimmia austrofunalis was excluded from Europe by Muñoz; all European records were treated by him as forms of Grimmia trichophylla.           However, Greven (2009) made it clear that G. austrofunalis occurs in Britain and Ireland.
  2. Grimmia horrida, recently described as spec. nov. for Europe (Muñoz et al.2009), 
    is renamed by Greven as a variety of Grimmia montana.
  3. Grimmia pilosissima was treated by Muñoz as a synonym of Grimmia montana.
  4. Grimmia sessitana was treated as a good species by Greven and Maier, but treated as a synonym of Grimmia reflexidens by Muñoz.
  5. Grimmia ungeri Jur. was in Greven (1995) treated as endemic to Cyprus, but, according to Muñoz & Pando (2000), it occurs in several European countries a. o. Britain. However, Long (2008) remarked: ”Grimmia ungeri should be removed from the British checklist”.

This disagreement should be discussed. For many years, Greven has tried to start a discussion, but Muñoz never replied his letters.                                                                                                                               
Maier (2009) recognized only 32 European Grimmia taxa. Her concept deviates far from that of Muñoz and Greven, therefore her remark: ”Die Auswahl der Typen stützt sich weitgehend auf die Arbeit von Muñoz & Pando (2000)” is in sharp contrast by the number of recognized taxa. In a letter to Greven (8 November 2008) Maier wrote: ”I can not be an adequate discussion partner for you”.

Although Muñoz and Greven both agree that: Grimmia arenaria, Grimmia capillata, Grimmia crinitoleucophaea, Grimmia mollis, Grimmia reflexidens, Grimmia teretinervis, Grimmia triformis and Grimmia ungeri  are good European Grimmia species,
Maier rejects all of them, however, without sound argumentation.

Table 1 - Checklists of Grimmia Hedw. in Europe

  Species: Maier
Muñoz (2006) Greven (2003)
01. Grimmia alpestris x x x
02. Grimmia anodon x x x
03. Grimmia anomala x x x
04. Grimmia arenaria   x x
05. Grimmia atrata x x x
06. Grimmia austrofunalis     x
07. Grimmia caespiticia x x x
08. Grimmia capillata   x x
09. Grimmia crassifolia     x
10. Grimmia crinita x x x
11. Grimmia crinitoleucophaea   x x
12. Grimmia curviseta   x x
13. Grimmia decipiens x x x
14. Grimmia dissimulata x x x
15. Grimmia donniana x x x
16. Grimmia elatior x x x
17. Grimmia elongata x x x
18. Grimmia funalis x x x
19. Grimmia fuscolutea x x x
20. Grimmia hartmanii x x x
21. Grimmia horrida   x  
22. Grimmia incurva x x x
23. Grimmia laevigata x x x
24. Grimmia lisae x x x
25. Grimmia longirostris x x x
26. Grimmia meridionalis x    
27. Grimmia mollis   x x
28. Grimmia montana x x x
29. Grimmia muehlenbeckii x x x
30. Grimmia nutans x x x
31. Grimmia orbicularis x x x
32. Grimmia ovalis x x x
33. Grimmia pilosissima     x
34. Grimmia plagiopodia x x x
35. Grimmia pulvinata x x x
36. Grimmia ramondii x x x
37. Grimmia reflexidens   x x
38. Grimmia sessitana x   x
39. Grimmia teretinervis   x x
40. Grimmia tergestina x x x
41. Grimmia torquata x x x
42. Grimmia trichophylla x x x
43. Grimmia triformis   x x
44. Grimmia ungeri   x x
45. Grimmia unicolor x x x

Number of taxa: 32 40 43