Grimmias of the World” was prepared in 2009, and based upon nearly 3000 Grimmia specimens, collected during 50 collecting trips between 1991 and 2009. Additional material was a number of 200 slides made from rare Grimmia species, encountered during revision of about 20.000 herbarium specimens, from nearly 100 herbaria.

The major part of the website are 2200 photo’s, selected from 5000 photo’s, made between May and December 2009. Equipment used for these photos: Leica zoom 2000 and Zeiss 47 06 00 microscope, two Nikon Coolpix 4500 cameras, Leitz Wetzlar 519749 microscope adapter, and Nikon Coolpix S 10 camera. The majority of drawings and photos are made by the author, a few photo’s are made by Des Callaghan and Michael Lüth.

The illustrations are taken from Grimmia Hedw. in Europe (Greven 1995) and Grimmias of the World (Greven 2003). For larger images press sign right above for full screen mode.