Grimmias of the World

20 Years of research (1990-2010) on the bryophyte genus Grimmia Hedw.

Within bryology, Grimmia species are notorious for their morphological variability.
The Index Muscorum enumerates over 800 names, from which 80-90% are synonyms.
In 1990, at the start of the project, the number of species was totally unknown, and
the situation with respect to the genus was a mess in taxonomy and nomenclature.

From 1990 onwards, Grimmia Hedw. has been investigated on a worldwide scale, by fieldwork and herbarium revisions. The results have been published in two books and in a variety of bryological magazines, a.o. :

Buxbaumiella, Journal of Bryology, The Bryologist, Lindbergia, Field Bryology, Dumortiera, Herzogia, Meylania, Cryptogamie Bryologie et Lichénologie and Hikobia.


Photo of Dr. H.C. Greven

Dr. Henk C. Greven

December 2005
Northern Island, New Zealand
Tongariro National Park

Photo by Shirley Khoeblal

Pubished books on Grimmia Hedw.

Grimmia Hedw. (Grimmiaceae, Musci) in Europe

Greven, H.C. 1995, 160 p., figs, 32 col. pls, hardbound,
ISBN 90-73348-38-2 | € 46,00

Grimmias of the World

Greven, H.C. 2003, 247 p., (93 pp with line drawings), 1 map,
hardbound + CD-ROM with 160 species illustrated in colour.
ISBN 90-5782-127-3 | € 72,-

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